Shiloh’s Sporting Chance

RUCST Sports Sessions

Rotherham United are celebrating the great escape from relegation and Shiloh are celebrating the support from the football club’s Community Sports Trust.

As part of their work of supporting mental health and social awareness, the Trust are providing free sports sessions – and some of the men helped by Shiloh have signed up for Walking Football on Monday afternoons at the town indoor football centre.

There is also badminton at the Leisure Complex on Wednesdays, followed by football at Thomas Rotherham College. Then on Thursdays at the club’s wonderful New York Stadium, visible from Shiloh, there is a chance to join a walking group.

Trudi Race, the club’s Disability Officer, was delighted to be welcomed to Shiloh by Operations Manager Jonathan Lang, who said: “This additional support, out of Shiloh hours is a furtherance of our desire to help transform lives, by not only providing various different aspects of support, but the Community Sports Trust have opened fresh avenues to help folk on the road to full life recovery.