Police and Crime Commissioner visits Shiloh


Trustees Judy Dalton and John McDonnell meet Dr Alan Billings, Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire

Shiloh had the pleasure of a new first time visitor… Dr Alan Billings, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, accepted an invitation from one of our Trustees (Judy Dalton) to come for lunch.

Along with his colleague, Karl Robins, Dr Billings, also a vicar, learned first hand how we put faith into action in helping the disadvantaged adults who come through our doors three days a week.

Shiloh’s managers, Jonathan Lang and John McDonnell, outlined how the work started as a ‘soup run’ in 1992 was now a multi-faceted operation both:

  • reactive – meeting immediate needs, feeding/clothing washing);
  • proactive – helping find solutions for those needing assistance regarding financial, health, housing and other issues.

All of this work – and (it is hoped) more – will be continued when we vacate Millfold House, our premises since 2001 and move across to the Old Weighbridge, Station Road in the coming weeks.

And the efforts of our team got the thumbs up from Dr Billings: “I was very impressed by the commitment of the volunteers and the range of services available” he commented, adding: “This is a most important facility in Rotherham.