• Christmas Cheer in Shiloh

    by  • December 28, 2015 • Community, General

    Christmas at Shiloh 2015 The wonderful people in and around Rotherham came together to provide a wonderful Christmas for the homeless and hungry folk in the town. Shiloh’s John and Jane McDonnell who organised the Christmas Day event were totally amazed at the contributions of various individuals and groups, such as the Lions in Rawmarsh providing the Christmas food, the Minster ladies sending lots of lovely wrapped presents, Sue Finch and the Ravenfield church with selection boxes and crackers. Then the amazing Kelly who encouraged her Facebook friends to donate well over 600 shoeboxes full of goodies for our Shiloh guests and other local groups. Shoeboxes were also donated by families and Swinton’s Milton school children. It was a joy to welcome our Christmas volunteers who have work commitments through the year but want to help in Shiloh on Christmas Day, alongside some of our regular volunteers who could have had time off at Christmas but insisted on helping – such commitment. The decorated room, tables and volunteers provided a wonderful Christmas welcome and atmosphere, while chef Vic’s top notch dinner went down a treat. During the meal, a lady and young daughter just appeared and gave out gloves to each guest.  The sight created spontaneous joy and a few watery eyes amongst some volunteers. Santa also made an appearance and had a busy job handing out the shoes boxes, presents and selection boxes to each guest, some guests insisting on sitting on his knee with their presents for a photo. What an unforgettable sight seeing the often childlike pleasure on the faces of our guests as they opened their presents! Thanks to Shiloh’s Andy Parker and Shiloh’s Co-founder Sue Savage along with volunteers, Shiloh was also able to open Shiloh on Boxing Day. Andy mentioned that our guests really appreciated somewhere warm and homely and friendly to go, which really summarises what Shiloh is all about. The Health Watch staff had a whip round and donated lots of meat pies for the pie and peas lunch – another great day in Shiloh. So many other people not mentioned have also helped our guests have a lovely Christmas. It will have made a lasting impact on our guests – that people really do care fore them. Thank You All so much. Would you like to join our fantastic team?  Shiloh needs people with all kinds of skills throughout the year.  Everything from listening skills, through catering to accountancy, fundraising and leadership.  Please get in touch if you would like to help.