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    Shiloh Rotherham is a Christian charity that offers warmth, practical support and pathways to independence for adults in need, regardless of their beliefs. Founded in 1992 Shiloh is a drop-in centre that is open three days a week and offers our guests hot food, clothing, washing/showering facilities, a laundry service, medical care, training, counselling and friendship.  We work with people one to one and can connect guests to other support services enabling them to make better choices for an independent life.

    The name Shiloh comes from the Bible and is a place of refuge. We believe this – that Jesus cared for the poor – and we want to do the same.

    We are open from 9.30am to 12.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and offer food and hot drinks to anyone who comes in – often by referral from other agencies in the town – with an average of 50 meals (basic breakfast and/or two course lunch) served.  We ask our guests to abide by the house rules (no drinking, drug taking or swearing on the premises) and our team of volunteers come with a heart to serve and help in anyway they can.

    We thank God for helping Shiloh to to grow over the years and become established as an essential provider of key services to adults in need. Over 25 years ago we started serving soup and sandwiches on the streets in the town centre and now with great support from partners, we now occupy large and well equipped premises.

    Shiloh is a volunteer-led organisation supported by a few paid staff who help to ensure the smooth running of the charity.  We give thanks to God for our faithful supporters and donors (many of whom are anonymous) who help to keep our doors open ensuring that God’s light can shine into dark situations.

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    Your support is much appreciated.