• About

    Shiloh is a charity that offers support to adults in Rotherham who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our team of staff and volunteers work with  partners to provide a non residential day service 3 days a week. We aim to support all of our guests to live a fulfilling and independent life.

    Founded in 1992 on Christian beliefs, we aim to follow the example of Jesus who served those in need.  The name ‘Shiloh’ (pronounced ‘shylow’) comes from the Bible where it is referred to as a place of refuge. Our support is open to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

    Pictures of our Support Centre are below:

    Shiloh’s Support Centre on Station Road.

    The spacious and welcoming dining room, once a garage and loading bay'

    Our spacious and welcoming dining room

    Our large commercial kitchen

    Guests of Shiloh can take part in a variety of training courses and activities.